Test, Measure and Repeat

Test, Measure and Repeat

Social media is becoming a major marketing vehicle for SME’s and it is constantly evolving, so no one—not even us—can claim to know it all.

That’s why it is crucial that you measure everything you do on Facebook and Twitter. When you measure, you can see what is working and what is not working, and you can shape your future efforts accordingly.

The advice

Facebook equips you with basic analytics tracking tools. But once you start to delve deeper into your social media marketing, you will find that you need a more robust measurement platform. We recommend the Involver Audience Management Platform.

With the Audience Management Platform, you can:

• Track your efforts in real-time, allowing you to stay on top of response management
• Monitor all of your social media efforts—Facebook, Twitter, blogs
• Easily manage workflow to be sure that task assignment and auditing are streamlined

Key Focus for all Businesses

1.  Market Insights. What are the critical factors driving market success?

2. Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness. What is the relative cost and value of different communication content, media and are they delivering the desired results?

3. Brand Reputation and Experience. How are you perceived and experienced by your target audiences and current customers/clients?

4. Desired Behaviors and Performance Outcomes. To what degree do current brand perceptions and experiences appear to be driving desired behaviours and business performance?



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