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The Business Network International (BNI) found that 75 percent of business owners are put off from engaging with a small business because of its lack of social media presence, its importance is undeniable. Its success requires an intricate balance between human and business elements. Here are a few Social Media Do’s and Don’ts that will help achieve this balance.




  • DO: Complete & Update Your Social Media Profiles

First impressions count, consequently, incomplete social media accounts appear less professional and will more often than not put off potential clients. Therefore, take a few minutes to thoughtfully fill out all your profile information.

  • DO: Post Regularly

Consistency is key. It demonstrates dependability and enables a business to connect with its audience in a predictable, reliable manner. The question of how often you engage with your online community depends on the nature of your business and industry but consistency, regardless of the industry, pays off in the long run.


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  • Do: Prioritize Your Networks

It may be tempting to try every new social media platform that sprouts up, but that spreads you too thin and in the end, does more harm than good. Providing quality content is worth your time and effort, no matter your industry.



  • DO: Interact With Your Audience
speak to your audience

Providing helpful content is great, but so is interacting with your audience. See a question or comment on Twitter that you can answer? Send the person a friendly reply. Did you write a helpful, industry-specific post on your blog? Share it with your LinkedIn network.

Build connections online just like you would in person



  • DO: Help More Than You Sell

Though you’re in business to make money, that shouldn’t be the focus of the vast majority of your social media posts. Keep the 80/20 rule in mind here: 80 percent of the content you post should be informative, while no more than 20 percent of your social media communication should directly relate to the goods or services you provide.

  • DO: Match the Right Content to the Right Network

Each SM network has its own intended purpose and audience. Understanding this and matching your content and tone to the proper social media outlet is imperative for success.



  • DON’T: Automate Without Thought

Although technology has eased the use of SM, you should resist the urge to send automated messages that have not been thought through. If you are using the same content across your social channels, take the time to change the tone of the message to match the audience. Take the extra time to write a message based on its intended purpose and audience.


  • DON’T: Be fixated on the Numbers

social media statsNumbers of Interest

It’s important to remember that brand awareness and growing your network is a long-term strategy. We know it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game, but try not to. While having lots of Facebook fans and Twitter followers can be good, it’s quality over quantity.



So stress less about your follower count and concentrate on providing thoughtful content for your audience. With the social media scene constantly evolving, the dos and don’ts of social media continue to change. It is paramount to stay aware of current best practices and incorporating them into your social media strategy.

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