Marketing in the Hard Times

Marketing in the Difficult Times

Marketing is becoming harder and harder for various reasons.  Could be because consumers’ are becoming more complicated, or more demanding, the fast-paced technology that demands fast-paced innovations, online marketing platforms are coming up with more stringent policies, and so on.  This would prompt one to wonder, how should I market my very much needed product in these difficult times?

Spend Money to Make Money

One thing every business must understand is that marketing is an investment and not an expense.  Many business owners who would never spend any money on online ads! So, companies depending on organic views on social media, e.g. Facebook, for any visibility.  Businesses have to take time to research and analyse, which online platforms work best for them.  Then, research on the best ways to make it work for them.  More often than not, they will have to spend money at this point to make money.  Do the most you can with free by being creative [ Content -video-chat] and spend on when you really have too. 


Any business with an online presence (mandatory for every business) should carry out analytics.  There are quite a several applications like Google Analytics, which have been innovated for this purpose.  Analytics will help you track your customers’ online behaviour (concerning your business), it will help you segment the kind of people interested in your product and so on.  They keep you up to date with the web traffic on your page.  This, in turn, will help you make changes on your page depending on your findings which could translate to sales and more traction.

Network like Never Before

Your network is your net worth. And while at it, do not make the mistake of looking for immediate gains.  Start with creating a relationship and get to know who people are.  Talk about trends in the market and slowly introduce your business to others.  Business networking can get you on-spot customers, referrals, partnerships, and your business gets known.  Where and how do I start networking? Start by attending business events/workshops around your area and show up prepared. Even better,  go on and create your own event and invite your potential clients/customers.

Re-Market to Your Existing Customers and Ask For Referrals

By all mean, make this your goal.  Selling to previous customers more often overlooked and its easier to convert.  Offer better customer service, and one way to do that would be to have shorter lead times.  The current generation, also known as the cheetah generation are people who want things delivered fast.  The current generation is on the internet, and it serves them well, we can reach many more people through their devices without geographical limitation. Take advantage of the current technology and grow your business.


If your business makes it through this tough time, it sure will thrive other challenges.

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