How Professional Services Firms Can Leverage Digital Marketing To Grow Their Client Base

“Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We’re online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. They hold much that is important to us.” (James Comey)


It is indeed evident that digital technology is transforming industry after industry with professional services not being an exception. The fact is that even if your company does not do business online you can be sure that your existing and potential clients do. It is therefore important to at least show them that you exist and why they should consider your services

Technology has provided new ways for potential clients to discover, learn about and vet potential service providers. This change is forcing firms including those offering professional services to incorporate digital marketing as an essential element in business growth.

Research reveals that companies offering professional services have not completely embraced digital marketing and those that have are quite inconsistent in using this platform hence they have not been able to get optimal results. The truth is that professional services firms that have embraced digital marketing today are head and shoulders ahead of most of their competitors. They are enjoying great results including greater credibility, high website traffic and engagement compared to their competitors.

How then can professional services firms leverage on digital marketing to build their client base?

Here are a few basic things that you can do for a start:


Be visible

In today’s professional services marketplace, your firm’s website is one of your most crucial assets because it is practically impossible to successfully market your firm online without a good website. It is a critical tool in building visibility in the digital space. Potential clients will often go online to find service providers hence they need to find your company’s website for you to have a chance of getting their business. A good website then becomes the hub of the company’s online presence by providing information and portraying its expertise to the marketplace.

If a potential client can’t find you online, they may conclude that your business is not 
legitimate and may decide to look elsewhere

Another reason why you need to have an online presence is that your competitors most likely already have an established web presence. Looking at what your competitors are doing can help your firm to get an idea of what is working and is not working, how competitors are communicating about their brand and the digital marketing tools that they are using to engage with their audience. This then becomes a learning point when developing your digital marketing strategy thus making it more effective in the acquisition of clients.

Share Content

information. Whether your company offers professional services in law, engineering or financial consultancy, your clients look to you for expertise. As a matter of fact, your expertise is the main reason why a client would hire you.  

Being able to write consistently on your area of expertise and sharing/ promoting your articles on different digital platforms will not only help you to increase your visibility, but it will enable potential clients to find a niche in you. For instance, when a prospect has a question about a specific issue, you should have an article or white paper that discusses exactly that!

In addition, sharing valuable content will position you as a thought leader. When potential customers who find you online are impressed by the content you put out, they will trust you and look to you as an authority. This means that they are more likely to engage you should they require your services. 

Why you should not postpone having a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • With Digital Marketing, you can reach a much larger group of potential clients that you would be able to attract offline, in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable.
  • Digital Marketing will enable you to interact with your prospects and learn exactly what they are looking for as they also get to know you thus building brand loyalty
  • You can become a player in the global marketplace because digital marketing will enable you to. 

Have you been avoiding digital marketing? 
Is it because you think you are simply not ready?
Do you think you just need more time until you are established before you can consider digital marketing? 

Well, you may end up being late in winning business from potential clients because they are already online- right now- today. There’s a good chance they are looking for a business like yours, but because they can’t find you, they will look for someone else.  

To make the most of the potential that digital marketing offers, professional service firms need to have in place a well-considered digital strategy. It is by having a digital marketing strategy that a firm can deliver a consistent digital experience, potentially resulting in getting leads that will become clients and increasing your competitive advantage.

The important thing is not to stand still or grow comfortable but to continuously assess the digital marketing strategy and find ways to improve.  


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