What the speakers are saying at the UNCTAD conference for Africa E-commerce.  Live Blog from UN 10.12.18

Dylan Piatti

Industry Chief of Staff, & Chairman: E-commerce Forum Africa

Deloitte Africa & Ecommerce Forum Africa

  • Get ubered before you get Kodak-ed! (LOL)
  • Happy there were bigger lines for the private sector in registration





George UNCTADGeorge Njenga

SBS Dean

Strathmore University

  • Discussions and conferences are all good – however, we need action…centres for action are important.
  • Good policies should be set up by the right bodies.
  • Regional centre for data analytics at Strathmore University set up to gather and analyse.
  • How many govts and leaders understand Blockchain?? Blockchain tech will bring trust closer.
  • SMEs do not have the opportunities; however, they do have quality.
  • Intercultural integration – trust issue. Inter-trade higher outside of Africa (11%) but lower within Africa (gone down from 4% to 3%)

Elsie UNCTADElsie Kanza

Head of Africa and member of the Executive Committee

World Economic Forum

  • How to get elderly and disability onboard? Should be thought about for their inclusion
  • Police issues – focus on trade facilitation, e-transaction laws, consumer protection online (trust on credit card payments), data privacy, functional and risk-based payment rules (people still prefer cash on delivery rather than cash-less).

Alison UNCTADAlison Gillwald

Executive Director/Prof

Research ICT Africa/University of Cape Town

  • Challenge – go beyond traditional,
  • Another issue – Don’t have sufficient data, connectivity challenge is biggest.
  • Internet penetration – richer/most developed countries has higher than more development countries which has lower internet penetration. Also – gender gaps and urban-rural are bigger.
  • Affordability is an issue (even if broadband is available) – how to bring down cost of devices for connectivity.
  • Govts – need to remove the taxation to have poor to be able to get online.
  • Power/electricity is important – for blockchain and e-commerce

Here is an update for the Nairobi Manifesto from the event that was put together. Click here to go to the link to read the full Manifesto by Africa E-commerce Week.


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