Discovering and Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing

Living in the digital age has dramatically affected the way we communicate as individuals and as businesses. Life has become so “digitized” that there is a generation that has grown up in an entirely digital world- one that does not remember life without computers, smartphones and the internet. They are also entirely dependent on this technology for both social and business purposes. This connectivity has totally transformed how we all interact, work and what we consume.

Similarly, Digital Marketing has been rising in popularity over the last several years. And there’s a simple reason why: the world is online. Businesses cannot therefore ignore the power that rests on the digital platform in exposing their brand and promoting their products and services on a scale that was previously not possible.

Discovering and harnessing the power of Digital Marketing therefore demands that a business does several things in order to maximize the opportunities that exist in the digital space:

Change with the times

It is important to understand and accept that we now live in a digital age and the marketing methods we use must change.

Having a Digital marketing strategy has never been more important for brands. In this quickly evolving environment it’s critical to have a strategy that can deliver on your business objectives while developing a strong online presence and providing a seamless customer experience. 

Identify who you want to speak to   

Clearly define your target audience. This you can do by conducting research on your target customers in order to have a deep understanding of both the customers you have and those you want, so that you can meet their varied needs, expectations and values.

You can also use analytics to help you identify the different types of customers- who buys what, and why; who and what influences buyers; and at what points in the consumer decision journey your marketing efforts are likely to yield the greatest return.

Once you have conducted your research and have gathered information, use it to guide the development of your strategy and creative approach that will be appealing to each audience.

Understand the technological environment and how it works

This will enable your business to identify the elements of Digital Marketing that are used most often by your target audience and thus gain a competitive edge. Your business can no longer think or operate like a silo in the abundance of digital tools that can propel you to the next level.


Place the Customer at the heart of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Identify what your customer needs/ wants and ensure that your strategy provides a smooth and easy experience to your customer whenever they interact with your business online. The customer should be able to feel that they are being engaged at a personal level

Have a competitive team to implement your strategy

Once you have done the above mentioned, you need to ensure that you have in place a competitive team that understands the digital landscape and can be able to implement your strategy to ensure optimum Return On Investment (ROI).

This service can also be outsourced to a competitive Agency such as My Biz Marketer that will create a path to your customers by developing a digital strategy that is aligned to your business goals, implementing the strategy and monitoring your company’s product/service online.

What about the benefits of Digital Marketing?

Any business today regardless of its size can benefit from Digital Marketing. No longer do you need a fancy building or store in order to lure your customers. You just need to have a solid Digital Marketing strategy and before you know it, you will begin to reap its benefits.

Some benefits experienced as a result of harnessing the power of Digital Marketing include:

  1. Building more engaging relationships with the Target Audience: Digital Marketing allows you to not only reach a larger and more targeted audience but to engage with the right audience in more meaningful ways.
  1. Getting Real-time results: With Digital Marketing, you can implement a campaign within a short period and even greater is the fact that you do not have to wait for weeks to see it come to life. Additionally, you are able to monitor your progress as the campaign runs which helps you to make adjustment where you feel you are not performing well.  
  1. It’s more cost-effective: With digital marketing there are many other affordable tools that businesses can use such as email, social media, and banner ads. These methods allow your business to open up conversations with customers and accurately track the results and be able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.  

Digital Marketing is poised to grow further, so make sure to give it the importance it deserves in your company. Do not look at the technological advancement as a disruption but look at it a means to grow your business. Online, your market is as big as you want it to be.


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