Customer Experience = Your Brand

Customer Experience = Your Brand

Happy 2018 Everyone. As we enter a New Year, how many of you went to an event or the event to usher in the New Year? Where did you go and what was your experience?

I had the opportunity to try out Sankara in Westlands. Now, I have never been to Sankara before, and what was enticing was the theme: 007 Party YES!

There was no indication on the poster if table reservations were necessary, but I like to sit down after dancing all night, so my party and I started calling the Hotel from 11am to find out the reality of getting a table reservation. So here is how it went:

11 am : 1st Conversation Person A: Tables booked early, so a table might not be available, but if any opens up, they would call back. Walk-ins only  

As one of Nairobi’s top luxury hotel brand, customer service is an integral part of marketing. Managing the customer’s experience is anticipating the customer needs and wants. People will share their experiences – the good, the bad, & the ugly.

12:30 pm: 2nd Conversation Person B: Dealing with table arrangements and allocations. Chairs at the bar will be on a first-come/first serve basis

When dealing with customers NEVER EVER state what is happening in the background. It is not the customer’s concern. Excellent customer service starts from the top. Training employees on how to handle themselves, who to refer to regarding complex questions, how to keep calm, empowers them to provide strong customer service   

4:30 pm: 3rd Conversation Person C: Option available is to get a table by paying a deposit to reserve a table. Does the deposit include the cover charge? What else comes with that deposit? Not clear

Proactive customer service is knowing your products and anticipating service issues before they arise. The way you handle any issue or situation speaks volumes about your business.  The second and third customer service pet peeves are rude/unhelpful employees and slow service respectively

6:30 pm: 4th Conversation Person D: Finally reach someone who has some information. All information given earlier is wrong. No table reservations allowed. Organizers state that if we arrive as early as 7:30 pm, we will be able to get a table.

Customer experience is the perception a customer interaction of a company. Customer service is the continuous task of increasing customer satisfaction. The difference between the two is that customer service is reactive while customer experience is proactive

By now, I am exhausted. All this even before I have walked in through the doors at Sarabi Pool & Rooftop Bar. So, what will my experience be when I arrive at the location?

We arrived at 9 pm and rode the elevator to the rooftop with other revellers. The organizers were selling tickets at the entrance. One of their employees politely stated that the rooftop no longer had sitting available, and the only alternative was the party downstairs at the gardens which they were also responsible for.

What makes great customer service is how quickly and efficiently you react to your mistakes. How you handle the situation, from the tone of voice to the action taken determines if the customer becomes a ‘forever’ customer.  


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