Businesses on Twitter: Monitor and Manage, Why?

Why Businesses Need Twitter?

Businesses cannot continue to avoid the digital space any longer, a website, social media presence are part and parcel of business today across the globe.

The business is visible to not just your followers but to anyone to happen upon it. This is also an advertisement platform, to target potential customers. By following the brand, people are expressing interest in what the business has to say or offer. As more and more people turn to Twitter for news, gossip or communication with their followers, it is only a matter of time before they look up the business as they would your email or phone number. Thus, it’s paramount to be accessible to them, as their platform of choice.

When on Twitter

Simply, Twitter is a communication channel:
• Educate your target market on relevant messages that will make a difference in their lives
• Be the go-to brand for insightful content.
• Grow the Twitter account constantly but moderately on a basis of the target market.
• Use the account to increase awareness and improve the perception of the business in comparison to competitors
• Increase web traffic on the website generally but specifically for branded content (educational, entertaining or engaging content).
• Improves sales by converting your leads whenever possible.

As with any marketing strategy, on Twitter growth within the target audience is absolutely necessary. The volume of people and business in Africa on Twitter continue to rise. Ignoring this channel could be detrimental to a business by missing out on potential customers.


– Identifying the local/regional/international target audience on Twitter

– Create awareness for the business on Twitter

– Provide content interesting to potential customers (own content and third-party content)

– Communicate/engage with your audience

– Customers service – enhance your service delivery and product/service offerings

– Customer support – your customers can reach you in real-time all the time at their convenience.

What Can Go Wrong?

The Twitter account that is active however very low activity and poor content. It is following is in the thousands but followers are minimal. The ratio of followers and the brand following should never be upside down. The preference on Twitter of more when a brand has more followers than who it following.
Interns or an employee unfamiliar with digital marketing should never be assigned this duty.


There are horror stories of major brands that have goofed on Twitter and lived to regret it.


The account could belong to a brand/SME account and is assigned to marketing with only the basic understanding of what should be done.


The running of any social media platform should be a business process. The team strategies on creating broad scoping relevant content that educates entertain or influences (potential) customers.

What can happen:-


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