The Workshop // Nurturing a Winning Business Idea



Join us for a workshop on Tuesday, November 9th  with Eunice Nyandat on nurturing a viable business idea. 

The entrepreneurs’ journey is unpredictable. This is because, starting a business takes time and energy, and one must undergo periods of extended self-reflection to find a business idea that’s both realistic and viable.

Better yet, once you have a good idea, you are now tasked with how you can be sure it will blossom into a successful venture. This is why the planning stages are essential, however, mostly overlooked.

Many have failed in the pursuit of business, even with all the right ingredients.

In fact, stats show that about 50 percent of small businesses fail — that is, cease operations entirely — within five years,  according to the Small Business Association.

There could be a number of reasons for this but if you skip the planning process journey you often fail on getting the right insights &  possible solutions that need to be tested, validated, and developed.

So what can you do to ensure that your company won’t be one of the 50% that fail? The key lies in making sure you have a viable business idea that’s positioned well to help your company succeed.

Great ideas commonly spring from frustration and the realization that it takes more skill to solve than those used to identify them.

The journey to solving a business often leads to an insight into a possible solution that needs to be tested, validated, and developed.

One possible route is to start a company is to develop the concept into a marketable product. Wondering how? This workshop with Eunice Nyandat on nurturing a viable business idea will help you.

At the end of the session you will also learn:

  • Some great questions that have led to significant business ideas
  • What goes into developing your idea into a business?
  • Key elements to ensuring  business success
event program
  • 10:00 AM — 10:05 AM
  • 10:05 AM — 11:15 AM
  • 11:15 AM — 11:30 AM
    Q&A Session
  • 11:30 AM 
    Attendees leave at their own pleasure
our hosts

Eunice Nyandat
Founder & CEO, MBM Africa

nairobi garageEunice Nyandat
Founder & CEO, MBM Africa